We are in search of providing you with the most comfortable and empowering shoes possible while expressing a multilayered cultural identity to whom it may concern. 

Our shoes are created for sensitive feet featuring dampening orthotic platforms or inlays and a wide fussbett. We use little enforcement so the shoes adapt to the ball of your foot, even giving room for feet with hallux valgus, while also protecting sensitive heels through soft paddings.

Because of the superbe comfort level topped by aesthetic expression our shoes are truly loved by artists, musicians and design professionals as a staple of a creative wardrobe to carry you from day to night. Rani Bageria designs integrate into sublte outfits as well as stage looks.

The footwear line is manufactured by two sisters, who are third generation shoemakers based in the Marche region of Italy. All items are manufactured in family-run EU businesses with very short transport distance.

Rani Bageria, graduate of the eponymous Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, has received numerous awards for her designs.

"These boots are crowns." Soap & Skin

Store view, Vienna 2020