Austrian-Indian shoe designer Rani Bageria, who draws equal aesthetic inspiration from the Germanic tradition of clean and precise design as she does India’s embrace of warm colors and adornment, has always been a master of marrying opposites. After graduating from Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Art, Bageria worked as a knitwear designer for Chloe, before launching her namesake brand in 2013. She has since garnered international acclaim for her distinctive line of boots, which prove that wearing fashion forward footwear needn’t mean sacrificing comfort or practicality.

Drawing inspiration from her own special orthotic needs, Bageria’s boots include an invisible orthotic sole, making them fit for daily use. Beloved by rockstars and bank tellers alike, each pair is infused with an avant-garde spirit and offers an opportunity to make an expressive statement, while maintaining pragmatism. Showcasing impeccable craftsmanship with the highest quality materials, Bageria’s materials are sourced from Italy’s Marche region and constructed by two sisters who are third generation shoemakers. Designed and assembled with the utmost care, Bageria boots are made to be wardrobe staples, not accents. Enduring and timeless, Bageria footwear never ceases to make an impact, despite being fit for any occasion.