Ethics and Sustainability


Rani Bageria products are designed and manufactured in Austria and its bordering countries Italy and Slovenia. This ensures very short shipping routes and a lower carbon footprint.


By working with small scale family businesses in the European Union we ensure fair labour environments and wages.


- Rani Bageria designs are timeless and will survive the trend. 

- "Aim small, miss small" We produce in small batches of under 100 pieces. This ensures we don't produce dead stock and minimize waist.

Our products are pricy and why buying expensive is economic:

- We use materials of superior quality.

- Producing the EU is the most expensive

- Rani Bageria designs are custom developments.

- Small quantities are always more expensive to produce.

- Rani Bageria designs fit for many occasions. For example you can wear Raniboots in the day, walk, go by bike and then go to an event or wear them on a stage, furthermore they fit in many seasons. Raniboots are known to be worn extensively, there are customers who have worn Raniboots more than 1000 days of their live.


Rani Bageria is a company owned and run by a woman of color.


Production partners are female-run family businesses in the EU.